Saturday, April 18, 2009

hour 15: 20 pages from twilight Hour 16: 57 pages the most i read all day yah me! Toddler is asleep and marty is taking a shower. HOUR 17: 30 Pages and i'm finished for the night its after midnight here and i'm going to bed! Its been real. Wished i had net acess so i get the full experience who knows maybe in the future! Would of loved to of done more mini challenges. I wished i could of read more but with a toddler and various distractions it just wasn't possible. Like i said in previous posts next time i will get a sitter for my little girl so i can do better at this but for my first time i had fun. i think my page total is 197 i may read a few more pages to get 200.

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Erotic Horizon said...

lovely that you took part.. enjoy the rest of the twilight series..

Have a read and more happy readings...


Maree said...

Hope you had fun _ I was doing the readathon with a toddler too. Not easy!