Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not gotten to read much as I liked. The next time I do a Read -a- Thon
I'm making sure I get a Babysitter & my husband will have to find
something else to do. I started late this morning but I figured I
would seeing how I stayed up till almost midnight ive read several
pages from different books to try and get something i can read easily
& quickly here are my reads so far:

Hour 1
•E-book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Pages Read:20
Where: at home in my recliner reading via the Stanza App on my iPod
Touch. My iPod started to die so I had to switch to something else.

•Tales of Passion,Tales of Woe by Sandra Gulland
Pages Read:10
Where:At home in my comfortable recliner.

Hour 2:
Paused to make breakfast for my husband,The Toddler & myself.

•Full House by Janet Evanovich
Pages read: 10
Where at home while finishing up breakfast.

Hour 3
Diary of a mad mom-to be by Laura Wolf.
Pages read:10

Hour 4

Hour 5

Hour 6
•Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Pages Read:10
Yes,I'm back to reading Twilight If I don't finish another book during
this read a thon this is one book I want to finish.

I'm hoping to seriously get some reading done when I get home. Since I
have no Internet access check my blog later or even tomorrow & check
out my twitter for all my updates at


Blodeuedd said...

Do love Evanovich, but haven't heard about that one.
Doing great :)

Kim L said...

Twilight is a good pick. Quick and mindless. Good luck with the reading!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you are doing great despite all the distractions - keep it up!

Eva said...

I think babysitters are definitely a good idea for moms! But you've still been doing well! :D