Saturday, April 18, 2009

there is only so much you can type when posting by mobile:-) how often do you go to your library? I've prob not been in over a year with my husbands car wreck and having a whole slew of books of my own and swapping sites i frequent. But thought of going back again. I guess i go through moods. Does the staff know you? The main people do cause over the year especially before having a child i went almost everyday! Our library is only 4 years old the moved locations and the new place is prob 5 times bigger than the old one. It has the bigger books and the children books in different locations of the library. You can get books from other library if they don't have them there and are brought in my a mobile library. There are close to 30 'puters to use for projects or just to use the net. I love it there wished i
could visit more than i do. Since having my daughter I've stopped going. She has too much energy!

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christina said...

Wow. You're doing you posts via phone = impressive.

That is the cutest picture ever.

Happy reading. Cheers!