Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Twilight Week

As most of you know this week is Twilight Week or at least that’s what I’m calling it!!! Yeah I know I’m getting a late start to these giveaways! This week The Book by Stephenie  Meyer “Twilight” was made into a Major Motion Picture and its being released out onto DVD As of Right now I don’t know the exact Date on the Release Cause this is a Draft


I started Reading “Twilight” this past Friday March 7th I was looking at an App on my iPod Touch Called Stanza and Found out If you have Ebooks like on your computer or whatever then you have the ability to Sync them to this app to read in your own timing!! I think that is just awesome to be able to carry hundreds of books with such a small device. I’ve read close to half of the book already and I am really liking it. I have the Whole Series and I’m giving away a Legit Copy in PDF to 5 Lucky winners if you are interested you have to do the following:


1. You have To leave a Comment with your email if you don’t leave your email then how can I get you your prize? This is the main rule if you don’t do this you don’t qualify

2. Follow me through the blogger Followers Widget or A Reader I’m Really trying to build up my Followers on blogger so,please Follow and tell me in the Comments for another entry

3. Add me on Twitter and follow @BoosPlace and tell me in the Comments for another entry

4. Stumble This Post and Come back and tell me in the Comments for another entry.

5. Tell another book similar to “Twilight” you enjoyed or any other YA Book

6. For one another entry please tell me where you get your ebooks if you read ebooks that is?


*This is For The Whole Twilight Sage Books 1-4 plus a SURPRISE!!! Please Take Notice this is a EBOOK not the actual book itself. I’m not certain what devices it works on but,it Does work on the iPhone & iPod Touch and I’m sure it also works on The Sony Reader,The Amazon Kindle and well as other readers you may have on your phone or whatever so PLEASE Check to see if You can Read PDF files on your Device.


Tracy At BookRoomReviews is having a Week of Twilight Giveaways so please check her out as well.

I don’t have my list compiled yet but I’m going to have Tons of Online Contests Here so please check back for other TWILIGHT contests Going on This Next Week.


Momma McKinney said...

Momma McKinney said...

I am now following you on Blogger under Momma McKinney

Momma McKinney said...

I've already been following you on twitter names - @smckinney79

Momma McKinney said...

I don't know how similar it defiantly is NOT a YA book but I really enjoy author Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, but it's defiantly not for someone who doesn't read romance novels

Momma McKinney said...

actually this will be my first ebooks if I win