Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Facebook,Twitter & MySpace oh my………

I know there has been alot of TALK on Several Blogs I’ve read within in the last week about all the Social Media Sites. Like I told Mel on her Blog Box of Chocolates this morning I never planned on Being one of these Top Bloggers to get tons of Followers. I love all of them and I love talking to people. There are times in life where I just Don’t have the time to talk to everyone. Even on the Blogs I frequently visit I don’t always get to leave a comment. I use NewsGator to read my feeds and I can sync all my Feeds throughs NetNewsWire App on my iPod Touch. I try to keep up with all my faves but,like I said I’m just too busy to comment on all of them all the time. I’m a Stay at Home Mom and Yes,I am busy believe it or not. I couldn’t fathom how much more busy I’d be if I had more kids…lol. I never wanted to have lots of readers or so Called followers to read my blog. At first it was just to vent about what was bugging me and still I use it for that at times. But,I’ve tried to keep my blog private from Friends and Family cause,I feel its just that……PRIVATE! I guess I’m crazy that way I’d rather complete strangers read my thoughts than my closest family and friends. I currently blog mostly about my weight loss efforts and I guess I haven’t been real to even the closest of friends in real life. I blog because If I need to vent I have an outlet to do so and Its ALWAYS Helped me to write things out and clear my head.

Now I first Started going to MySpace mainly because My step-Daughter,Andrea was living with us and she kept encouraging me to start an account. I hooked up with old friends and even realized I even had family on there. I thought it was awesome that you can get all kinds of friends on MySpace. I Would go to Sites like CafeMom or Babyfit Among other sites and Others where posting their myspace info so I did too. I got lots off ppl to add me that way and don’t get me wrong I’m sure they are great people but,I can count on one hand how many times I’ve talked to them. I guess I just don’t have much in common with these “mommies” I guess I just thought it was neato at first to talk to her mommies online. I rarely use myspace now that my Step-Daughter moved in with her mother. I don’t know why I guess Having a Toddler who is more than I can handle at times I just think its more of a hassle to even turn my computer on when she’s awake! !! I have an iPod Touch and I have the MySpace Mobile App on there but,I just don’t like using it. Its more of a hassle to me!! But,if you love MySpace and Want to add me Feel free too because Who can’t use more friends. But if you want to add me I hope You will talk to me. Lately I rarely get on there but just to check messages. Here is my MySpace Profile


At some Point I Joined Facebook but,Can’t Remember when really just to find some old High School Friends that wasn’t on Myspace. I found some friends and we talk ocassionally but,Frankly I use it mainly to update what I’m doing.  I’ve just recently started to use it more. I’ve lots of old Friends and some new but,I vowed Facebook wouldn’t be like my MySpace. I guess I use it for a select few internet friends. I Try Not to post anything about my blogs on there because to me its very private and just don’t want alot of old friends knowing some stuff. It’s weird how you don’t want ppl you’ve known all your life knowing CERTAIN Things about your life. Although I have posted my blog links and Hopefully those few ppl who have checked it out won’t take offence to anything I say. I use Facebook alot more now I like the Face that you can add the Twitter App and be able to update your twitter status on Twitter or any Mobile Twitter App and that same Status is updated on your Facebook too!! I think thats just neat!! So if you didn’t know that and want to save time you now have that info…lol So,if you want to look me up I don’t mind here i am on Facebook


I started looking at more Blogs and I found iJustine cause I had seen a video of

hers on Tv where she had her 1st iPhone Bill with a huge stack of papers for just one bill. I saw that she was on Twitter and she was talking about Twitter and I was curious about it and saw that you can post Status messages on what your currently doing and I just think its awesome that you can post what Your doing at that moment so of course I joined. I like that ppl that I’m following I can see what they are doing too. But,I will be honest Twitter has became unfun for me lately. There has been lots of ppl I’ve added that uses Twitter to Chat back and Forth to other Tweeples and hold a converstation. ummm… HELLO People that’s what Direct Messaging is for!!!! So if you want to Say something to me and maybe hold a little convo PLEASE PLEASE DM me ppl not trying to be rude I just think it Ruins Twitter and I love Twitter so don’t ruin it for me tweeple. So if you want to follower me @BoosPlace please do so because I think Twitter is the best site EVER!!! Yes,I’m a Twitter addict and probably update my status a little too much! At times I feel that I’m just talking to myself and I have a select few that actually  respond if I do post a question on there and Truly feel at times I’m being ignored but,I do know lots of ppl that solely use Twitter on their phones too.
  I saw this cute Video about Twitter on YouTube the other day that another blogger posted on her site and I thought it was so Cute!!! I couldn’t help to crack up laughing so in case you’ve not seen it yet here it is.

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Totally agree - Twitter rocks! :) I just added you on my follow list.